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and go with me on a journey.

lines in the sky

My view on conspiracy theories and health

The connection between the jaw and the pelvis

reaching the arm of a skeleton out to show pure movement in yoga therapy

Compensations; everything that goes wrong?

rianne yoga therapist, thai bodywork, massage and ayurveda

Celebration week info!

cradling the head for deep rest meditation

Deep Rest meditation and healing dialogue

rianne met een client in squat de rug aanrakend.

Balance in strength, support and space

viparita karani or legs up the wall pose

Pose of the Month August: Legs up the Wall

beach view from the campervan

Taking ‘Lotje’ for a spin, the first trip is a fact!

Sleeping mermaid restorative yoga pose

Pose of the Month February: Sleeping mermaid

supported bridge restorative yoga pose

Pose of the month January: Supported bridge

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Rianne writing a blog
rianne sitting surrounded by yoga props smiling
Client with neck, shoulder and upper back pain
Rianne in a high lunge on a cork yoga mat in the sun
Rianne in a restorative pose with an eye pillow between her shoulderblades
Rianne guiando la pelvis del cliente durante un movimiento sobre manos y rodillas
Yoga mats and props prepared for class and private session

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