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Practice together online
or by yourself in your own time


Here you can choose what would work best for you. You can join the live online classes and practice together, or choose the pre-recorded programs and practices that you explore when it suits you.
You are warmly invited.

Rianne sitting in front of her computer teaching therapeutic yoga via Zoom

Online live

Weekly or monthly classes, series and workshops.

rianne practicing the art of not doing restorative


Self-paced pre-recorded practices and programs.

Feel free to reach out if you have questions or to organise your free 15-minutes consultation call.

rianne sitting surrounded by yoga props smiling
Client with neck, shoulder and upper back pain
Rianne in a high lunge on a cork yoga mat in the sun
Rianne in a restorative pose with an eye pillow between her shoulderblades
Rianne guiando la pelvis del cliente durante un movimiento sobre manos y rodillas
Yoga mats and props prepared for class and private session