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Sense your

with Thai bodywork

Rianne placing her hands on the clients shoulders during a thai bodywork massage

Lay down, be moved and rest.
The breath slowing down…
The tissues softening…
The mind quieting...
The energy gently flowing…
Your journey within.

Rianne moving the clients knee towards the chest during a Thai bodywork massage

Are you someone who is giving a lot, either through a busy job and/or demanding family life? Going from one thing to the next, unable to stop. Maybe you feel tired and disconnected from yourself. When was the last time you stopped and treated yourself to some relaxing and loving touch? How would it feel to receive?

Thai bodywork calms your nervous system

You’re invited to reconnect to your breath and feel the energy moving through your body again. The gentle stretches and pressure points that are touched in Thai bodywork will bring your attention inwards, so that your nervous system calms down. This journey within will travel through your whole body, improving circulation and mobility. It shows you how you are doing and what you need. My experience is that you will leave relaxed and energized, wholly inhabiting yourself again.

During this massage, it’s recommended to wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes. You’ll be lying on a comfortable futon on the floor and oil will not be used. The session lasts about 90 minutes, to allow for enough time for a short intake and a full body treatment. The treatments take place in Vejer de la Frontera, Spain.
Contact me to book a session.
rianne sitting surrounded by yoga props smiling
Client with neck, shoulder and upper back pain
Rianne in a high lunge on a cork yoga mat in the sun
Rianne in a restorative pose with an eye pillow between her shoulderblades
Rianne guiando la pelvis del cliente durante un movimiento sobre manos y rodillas
Yoga mats and props prepared for class and private session