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Through my own bumpy journey, I wish to inspire you on your own journey towards a healthier, more balanced and freer life.

I am Rianne

in 2015 I became a yoga teacher and masseuse. Besides that, I had a job as a research technician in a laboratory. In July 2017 I left that job and changed my way of living.

Together with my camper Lotje, I’ve gone on a journey, taking time off to travel and rediscover how I want to share my passion for yoga, movement, bodywork and personal growth. My adventures are shared in my vanlife stories. All the joys and challenges that come with vanlife and my process of relating with other people and the world around me.

I didnʼt always feel this brave.

Through the practices I describe below, Iʼve been able to get through my anxiety attacks, process my kidney condition
diagnosis and treatment, and re-connect with selfcare and love.​

Iʼve landed in the South of Spain,

where Iʼm still living in my van, as part of a beautiful regenerative permaculture project. Here, Iʼm dedicated to sharing the beauty that is life and my knowledge and experience about the bodies we inhabit. Movement within myself and outside of it, with the world.

All my life lessons have come together,

from therapy, yoga (therapy, restorative, nidra), Ayurveda, tantra, voicework, bodywork, anatomy, meditation and massage. Seeing the incredible value in slowing down, being present and focusing on quality and connection with myself and with whomever I’m sharing the practice.

This is my journey, my passion, that I’d love to share with you.

rianne sitting surrounded by yoga props smiling
Client with neck, shoulder and upper back pain
Rianne in a high lunge on a cork yoga mat in the sun
Rianne in a restorative pose with an eye pillow between her shoulderblades
Rianne guiando la pelvis del cliente durante un movimiento sobre manos y rodillas
Yoga mats and props prepared for class and private session