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So much can happen in your life. You are part of these traumas and experiences, physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. Your nervous system responds to these events, usually by creating tension to protect you, and to ensure that you can continue to function. These stress experiences change how you use and feel your body. In the long run these patterns can lead to chronic pain, discomfort and anxiety. Often, the expression of the pain is not the area where the actual ‘problem’ is. That’s why we work with your whole being in yoga therapy. It’s all related.

There are different ways in which we can work together to create change in the patterns you’ve unconsciously created.

My offerings

Rianne guiding a client in arm movement during a yoga therapy session, yoga terapia


Working 1-on-1 to discover your specific needs towards feeling more resilient, confident and at ease in your being.

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Coming together to explore specific themes, applying yoga therapy tools to expand your awareness and optimise movement and breath.

You will be supported in



Your body is very resilient
and able to change

We all have our aches and pains. Youʼve bumped your little toe against the door and now, every step you take hurts. Or it was a stormy night, disrupting your sleep and you wake up tired instead of rested.

But what if you wake up every morning chronically tired, or with apprehension to get up, because your back hurts when you move? What if you feel anxious to get out of the door and face the world, and you know you have to?
What will the rest of your life look like if you keep doing what you’ve been doing so far?

What is stopping you from feeling confident about yourself, your body and the way you move? Do you feel frustrated, like your body is holding you back?

Growing older or being diagnosed with a condition doesn’t mean you need to suffer all the pain or discomfort you might be experiencing.

Through yoga therapy

you can become more appreciative of how you are caring for yourself. At the same time, you can start to unravel the patterns that once served you, but are now preventing you from enjoying your life more. Both patterns, how you move and the opinion you have about it, influence your (pain) experience. You’re invited to work towards more harmony and balance, step by step. This allows you to live an embodied life with more ease and freedom.

The path to healing

Are you curious about what yoga therapy can do for you?
Feel free to reach out to organise a free consultation call.

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Client with neck, shoulder and upper back pain
Rianne in a high lunge on a cork yoga mat in the sun
Rianne in a restorative pose with an eye pillow between her shoulderblades
Rianne guiando la pelvis del cliente durante un movimiento sobre manos y rodillas
Yoga mats and props prepared for class and private session