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Tension is not strength

What would it be like to start training relaxation? So that tension can start to be converted into strength, instead of more tension.

What is really going on?

What I often hear are 3 things:
“I have a lot of tension in my body”
‘My back (or fill in something else) is weak/hurts’ and so
“I have to make it stronger.”
And making it stronger can then be the ‘weak’ part, or just another part to avoid the weak/painful spot.

Somewhere a logical train of thought and somewhere not at all. It makes sense that if something is ‘weak’ you want to make it stronger. The only question is, why is something ‘weak’? Hence the ”. It is also possible that you have such tension in your body that it is not so much weak but more exhausted and therefore cannot function properly. When you start training this, it often doesn’t get any better. You’re just adding more tension to tension. And if you actually do have a weak back, then how is the rest of your body doing, why is your back weak? And if you then start training your abdominals, you might experience (temporary)  relief, but you don’t solve the actual ‘problem’.

What would it be like to train for relaxation?

Gentle, quiet movements or even total rest, to get stronger? You will start to feel your body, it can start to soften and react better when necessary, because it is not chronically ‘stuck’. Both in physical movement and in digestion and other vital bodily functions.

From this softer, relaxed new you, you can build more purposeful strength, without developing pain or discomfort, because you feel and experience your body and movement more consciously and can listen to it.


Do you find this interesting?

Then yoga therapy is for you!

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