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Balance in strength, support and space

Building balanced strength without getting stuck? Then also work on flexibility and support from other muscles in your body.

Working on strength alone doesn't work.

Recently, in my training, own practice and with clients, it has become increasingly clear that there is never just 1 thing. When you want to train strength, you also need to work on mobility and support. That’s how you work sustainably and don’t get ‘stuck’. The same applies when you want to become more flexible, strength and support must also be worked on. This allows your body to use the space created and become more flexible, without becoming unstable.

In my own practice, I worked a lot on creating mobility. That helped a lot, but at some point I got a bit stuck. Certain compensation patterns stayed. During the private sessions I had, we added some resistance. This allowed me to gain more strength in the areas that supported the movement that I was compensating for. For example, from constructive rest, allowing 1 knee to move outwards, while the pelvis remains quiet, which didn’t happen. It’s great to notice how practicing that and gaining more awareness, improved my movement.

It is a nice puzzle, in which I’m allowed to look for what works and what does not. With myself, but also with the client.

Watch the therapeutic yoga video about movement of the upper leg in the pelvis and experience it for yourself.

Every body is different.

Movement, strength and flexibility is different for every body, which makes yoga therapy very personalised. It’s important to keep practising. Noticing and feeling what changes or doesn’t change. You have to do the work and research yourself and are guided in this, This way you’ll understand better what is happening and be able to intervene if something doesn’t feel quite right.

For now, my own private sessions with my teacher are done. The training itself still lasts another 10 months, until October ’22. But since we also do exchanges with students from the same training, but who started six months earlier, I keep learn a lot. It’s interesting to work together in this way, to learn more about our own bodies and movement and with fellow students. In the end it’s all about balance, balance in strength and flexibility.

Have you become curious about what yoga therapy can do for you? Get in touch for a complementary consultation, in which we can discuss your needs.