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My view on conspiracy theories and health

Conspiracy theories, improve your own health and well-being. Understanding the powerful connection between mind, body, beliefs and emotions.

Before you start reading, just take a moment to notice how you feel.

What we’re you doing before you started reading this? Was it enjoyable or not? Is your mind calm and curious or already getting activated because of the title? Just notice what is happening inside of you.

Living in a permaculture project there is a lot of talk about sustainability. Caring for the planet, for the people and making it a better place and working towards that. Also, there is a lot of talk about how the planet and systems are collapsing.

What resonates more with you? Working towards making everything a better place and seeing the beauty in what we have, or does it feel hopeless and we or they’ve made a mess and they are trying to make us sick and are setting us up?

This is not a story about who or what is wrong or right.

Because honestly, there is so much information out there, I have no idea who or what to believe. Everyone has an agenda, either big or small and with, in their opinion, good intentions. They might be selfish and maybe not helping the planet, but who am I to judge that? I’m not living their life, neither have I live through what they have lived through. Our bodies are made to keep living as long as possible with the means it has. We’re all doing the best we can, or at least that is what I like to believe

Beliefs tend to create the suffering and affect health.

The thing I do have is my experience, perspective and my body. What I’ve seen with all the theories, whether they’re conspiracies or not, is that the belief in the theories themselves tend to create the suffering.

For example; chemtrails, which has been a very active one in my surroundings. Whether they exist or not, if every time you look up to the sky and think; “they are poisoning me” or “dissolving clouds so it won´t rain” or whatever thoughts and beliefs come up, you don’t tend to feel happy and relaxed. Whenever there is this thought or belief popping up that says someone is doing something to you, it creates emotions and more thoughts that don’t tend to be helpful. It can cause the heartrate to go up, adrenaline coursing through the body, feeling anxious, worried, angry, panic, you name it.

If you are very convinced of this bad situation and passionately share it with others, trying to convince them, more of this energy is created. Others will either be on your side, which does create a sense of feeling seen and heard and the vibe of the conversation still isn’t one that is helpful for anyone.

Do you have thoughts or beliefs that keep coming back that create these feelings? Are you sharing them with others and what kind of vibe does that create within you and your company?

Feeling stressed for prolonged time will do harm.

Imagine what happens if this belief and its accompanying state of being keeps coming back or stays present for longer times, leaving you worried, anxious, angry or whatever feeling it creates and however subtle it is. Maybe you can see how this prolonged stress will have an effect on your physical body and state of being and will do harm.

This then makes it very easy to say:

“Look I have all these symptoms or I don’t feel well, it’s because they have done that to me”.

Again, I’m not saying whether someone is or isn’t doing something to anyone, I don’t know. I’m also not saying that there is anything wrong with experiencing these kinds of emotions and beliefs. We’re human, we experience all kinds of emotions and beliefs all the time. It’s about how you work with that what is happening. Trying to show that this response of worry, fear, anger and frustration to whatever is happening, combined with a strong belief, for sure is harmful to you.
It’s a stress response, a chronic fight, flight or freeze state of being that is being created. In this state the body is not able to digest, heal or function well, it’s surviving.

If it can’t digest well, your body will not receive the nourishment it needs. During chronic stress your immune system doesn’t function as well, leaving you more likely to not heal that which is already there and get sick more easily. If it lasts a short while there is no problem, but prolonged periods of this state is a problem.

heart weighing heavier than the mind

Just take a moment now to let that sink in. How does that feel?

Maybe there are thoughts coming up now of how (I made) you feel bad about yourself, or how I’m wrong or maybe how there is a point to what I’m saying.

Either way, I hope this has brought some awareness to the power that you have over your own well-being, outside of that over which you don’t have much control. That your awareness and presence is key to your own well-being. There are lots of body-mind practices and therapies that can help you manage and change these thought patterns, should you wish to do so.

What I offer and have been powerful tools for me and for clients I’ve worked with are yoga nidra or deep rest meditation and yoga therapy. With deep rest meditation you inquire into your thoughts, beliefs and emotions and their opposites, noticing the effects within yourself, as you are comfortably lying down in a safe space. With yoga therapy you privately work on creating more awareness of your patterns of movement, breath and thoughts.
With more awareness you create more presence of the here and now. Experiencing feelings and emotions as they come and go, without the attachment to and identification with them through the stories you create around them.