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Ayurveda recipe: spiced milk

Having trouble sleeping? With this spiced milk you can prepare your body for a good night sleep, adding the gunas for rest and relaxation.

Prepare yourself for better sleep

Ayurveda loves spices, because they help digest food better. As always there is balance to be found here. More is not better, neither is less. The journey is finding out what works for you.

Ayurveda also loves sleep, again not too much and not too little.

So combining these two makes for an amazing spiced milk recipe that is both nourishing for the body (don’t drink it if you can’t digest the milk or any of the spices) and, when taken in the evening, great to help you sleep.

And if you want to add a touch more nutrition, add a date and whisk it well. It adds an incredible sweetness to the milk, so there’s no need to add honey or maple syrup.

Make sure you drink it 30-60 minutes before going to sleep to allow it to digest.

Feel free to use another milk if that works better for you, like oat, almond or any other. They all have their own properties.
Regarding cow milk, is has the qualities of heaviness, slow, cooling, oily, smooth, dense, soft and big, which are all qualities, also known as gunas in Ayurveda, that are great for rest and relaxation.


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