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Ayurveda recipe: How to make ghee

Making your own ghee. Boosting your agni and nourishing your body. Find out how to make your own clarified butter.

Boost your agni and nourish your body.

Ghee, also known as clarified butter, is one of Ayurveda’s magic awesomeness. That is, if you’re able to digest it of course. It has all the qualities needed to build ojas, your vital life essence (more on that in another post).

When you take out the ama (it’s not all bad, people do use it in cooking, but it’s not the easiest to digest, if at all), what is left is golden goodness that boosts your agni and nourishes your being.

Taking the ama out of the butter, so you only have the good stuff. It’s a great way to see what ama can look like and how it makes sense that it ´clogs your pipes´. It’s sticky, it’s slimy, it’s dense and not something that helps your system.

And here is how to make it. Easy peasy and a lot cheaper than buying it in the shop.

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