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The connection between the jaw and the pelvis

The connections within the body are uncovered through experiencing them. While exploring leg movement, sense how that might effect the jaw.

Everything is connected.

What I find fascinating is how everything in the body is connected. The idea of working only with my leg without affecting the rest of my body is fading. Everything feels more and more connected through the experiences I’ve had.

Since the beginning of my yoga path, when I was 20, I had quite a bit of resistance to leg/pelvic work. There was simply not much movement in it and getting started with it just created a lot of frustration. So I didn’t do too much with it for a long time (it had to be a bit enjoyable).

Now years later (yes yes, I’m still young but when I think it’s been almost half my life ago), I’m exploring it more thanks to my training. The frustration has made space for curiosity, patience, respect and gratitude for everything my body can and does for me. In addition, I noticed how much influence the, in my case limited, freedom of movement of my leg-in-my-pelvis has on my back, shoulders and what I recently discovered, my jaw.

Are you aware of tension in your jaw or pelvic floor?

I already knew that there was a link between jaw tension and pelvic stability, but I had never consciously experienced it. I was also not very aware of the tension I was holding in my jaw at all. Since I have been working more intensively with my legs/pelvis interaction, I notice that when I yawn, there is so much more space in my jaw joint. I’d love to invite you to play around with exploring these relations yourself. Just noticing that when you move and breath and you feel the urge to yawn to allow that to happen.

Working with tongue and and jaw movement can also influence what you experience in your diaphragm, belly and pelvic floor.
I made a face practice video where you can explore movement of the jaw and tongue. I invite you to explore this and notice if it makes you yawn and how it affects the rest of your body.

Personally, I find it super interesting and magical how it is all so connected. And look forward to sharing these connection experiences with you so we can create more balance.