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Ayurvedic recipe: Kitchari

Kitchari is the go-t meal during an Ayurvedic digestive reset. It's nourishing and easy to digest.

What is this kitchari and how to prepare it?

As I’m finishing of my Ayurvedic digestive reset, I figured it was about time I shared this 🙂
Kitchari is a very easy to digest yet nourishing meal made with white basmati rice, split mung beans, spices and veggies. The idea behind eating this is to give your (food) digestion a rest, by giving it something simple and light. Make sure you can digest everything you put in there, otherwise it misses the whole point!
Because it’s cooked, warm food with spices that help digestion, your body easily has access to the nourishment it contains.
As your digestion gets a break by eating kitchari for several at the same times during the day, there is time left to do interior cleaning up and maintenance.

It’s not about you doing, it’s about you allowing your body to do, by doing less.

It’s a perfect way to get rid of the winter heaviness, the summer heat or basically any form of recovery after an intense period, either physically, emotionally or mentally. Everything needs to be digested and food is an easy one to adapt to facilitate the digestion of everything else.

It’s not a cleanse or a fast, which for a lot of people, even though they might feel good doing it, can be very depleting.

As per Ayurveda: if you feel the sensation of hunger you need to nourish that with a proper meal, that the body can digest well, until the hunger sensation is gone. So not until you’re full. Then you’ve eaten too much, which interferes with proper digestion.
For me after enjoying 9 days of only eating kitchari for every meal, I felt it was time to slowly transition back to more varied meals. The ease of just cooking once a day and eating delicious nourishing food all day has been a great reminder of something I can do during my training weekends and when life just gets a bit too busy or challenging.
I can highly recommend giving it a try and if you’d like to know more, feel free to ask!

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