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On this page you'll find the different interviews I've had about vanlife, IgA nephropathy and Yoga therapy, bodywork and Ayurveda.

Sharing the different aspects of my life in interviews.

Below you can find interviews and articles about my life and my work that have been published either in magazines or online.

I’ve been interviewed about vanlife, the journey I’ve had with my camper. I’ve also been interviewed about IgA nephropathy, the chronic auto-immune kidney condition I am diagnosed with. And I’ve shared about yoga therapy, bodywork and Ayurveda, the work I’m passionate about to share with clients and that I’m living myself to support my health and wellbeing.

They’re in different languages as stated in the title. I hope you enjoy the read!

Dutch interview with the Kamper and Kampeer Kampioen

In 2019, when I had been traveling for over a year, I got interviewed by the camper and camping edition of the Dutch road assistence magazine. I shared about my journey with my van up to then. It was shot in the Haarlemmermeerse Bos in Hoofddorp, where you normally can’t enter with a vehicle, but an exception was made for the shoot. And the photo’s turned out great, just as the article itself.

Dutch interview the Wisselwerking

In 2022, three years after my IgA nephropathy diagnosis I was interviewed by the Wisselwerking. The magazine published by the Dutch Kidney Association. Here I shared my story about my alternative treatment, where I focus on diet and lifestyle, besides medication.

The first page of the slideshow is a document that will lead you to the full magazine as a PDF.

On my youtube channel you can also find a presentation I made related to this work.
You can find it here in English, Here in Dutch and here in Spanish.

English interview with MysticMag

In 2024, I was interviewed by Mystic Mag, an online source to find psychics, and in their blog section sharing lots of health and wellness stories.

I share how the work I do brings balance and freedom to clients. Explaining the role and function of Yoga Therapy, Bodywork and Ayurveda in my approach in the tailored sessions with clients.

Here is the link to the article on their website.

interview Rianne MysticMag