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My Educatonal journey

Here I describe the education, trainings and all that I have done so far, that is part of what I share in my work.

My Yoga Journey

The first yoga class I ever participated in was in 2005 when I was living in London. It was my final year of my life sciences education and I had chosen to do my internship in the big city. There was a gym nearby that offered ashtanga yoga. A friend of mine and I signed up and I remember not liking it too much because I wasn’t flexible at all, but I was interested.

For years I was practicing different kinds of classes with different teachers, discovering my affinity for more yin, restorative, slower yoga practices. Slowly I started practicing at home and got some dvds to help me. In my small collection was Simon Low his dvd.
When he came to Utrecht to give a workshop in 2013, I knew that if I would ever do a teacher training it would be with him. His approach to movement that prevents injury and is respectful towards each body was really inspiring.

A year later, when I went on my first surf and yoga holiday in Portugal, our yoga teacher got sick and the group I was with decided I should teach a class since I had the most experience.

As I shared my first class, I realised that this was something amazing that I really loved to do.

When I got back home, I looked up a training with Simon and several months later the deep dive started.

In that training, through the anatomy part, I got connected to the work of Susi Hately, which I really enjoyed. Six years later I did my yoga therapist training with her.

Slowly over the years, my interest and practice in slowing down and more therapeutic application of yoga and movement has grown and is still developing!

My Bodywork Journey

When I came back from my yoga teacher training in Thailand, I had received several Thai massages. Those were really nice, not so intense and made me curious for more. It was such an interesting way to also explore the body and movement, through touch, both receiving and giving. After doing a Thai massage workshop with my sister and aunt, I decided that this was something I also wanted to learn. The meditative flow while giving a massage, on a futon on the ground, was a whole new movement, anatomy and meditation experience.

I’ve also always been fascinated by fascia.

First through Paul Grilley in Yin yoga, then through Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers and the work of somanaut Gil Hedley.

All this works shows how incredibly connected everything is within the body and training my eye to see, feel and understand what is there and how to work with that, including the amazement for the body’s capacity to adapt itself.

My Ayurveda Journey

This journey started during my Yoga therapy training in 2021. I got to know my teacher Mona Warner who introduced Ayurveda in such a way that it clicked and made all the sense in the world. The science that is Ayurveda has reconnected me with my inner scientist and it has been greatly supporting me in my journey with my auto-immune kidney condition. The more I learn about Ayurveda, the more empowered I feel about what is happening within me and how to bring back balance again.