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Feeling the deeper layers

Yoga therapy, movement therapy or personal development?

When I tell people that I do yoga therapy, people often look at me a bit strange. The word yoga in yoga therapy should actually be different. Yoga quickly gives the impression of flexible and intensive movement, I feel that there is a rigidity to it. And how is that going to help you get rid of your pain and discomfort? A better name would actually be movement therapy, or perhaps personal development. The way in in yoga therapy is the body and we look at movement. Movements that you can make in a functional way, where your body responds well to what you ask, from a place of relaxation and softness. And the movements that are more difficult, where your body has to compensate because it lacks mobility and support on its own.
And of course we are working on improving the way you move and this is actually inseparable from what lies beneath it. Why does your body move the way it moves now? What happened to create tension that is still in your body today? You take everything you experience in your life with you, the ‘good experiences’ things that bring lightness, space and pleasure and the traumas, that bring tension and heaviness. Sometimes it is only the memory and the learnings that remain, sometimes the tension and heaviness also remain in your body.

Reconnecting with your inner wisdom.

Now that does not mean that a yoga therapy trajectory is a heavy and not fun process. It is, in my experience, a beautiful trajectory. It’s about feeling the body and the facts about what you actually feel in the moment, rather than the story of what has been and the story you build around it. Connect more with what your body tells you and listen to it. There is so much wisdom in that.

In mijn jarenlange ervaring met angstaanvallen, voel ik nu nog steeds soms de angst wel eens opkomen,In my years of experience with anxiety attacks, I still sometimes feel the anxiety coming on, but by feeling and listening, my relationship to that anxiety is now so different that it no longer develops into an anxiety attack. It is now an experience that I can feel in the moment, because through simple movement in a safe setting I have dared to feel my body again and am no longer afraid of it.

This opens doors to deeper layers

that can be felt, if you’re up to it. Without force and with time, step by step you connect more with your body, so that you dare to let go, because you have experienced that you can trust what your body tells you and know that you can and dare to listen ánd can act upon it. In this way tension is released, your body can move more freely and you increasingly more able to choose what is right for you, from a place of love (for yourself and therefore also for others).