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Compensations; everything that goes wrong?

Your body compensates in response to experiences, this can lead to discomfort, but you can also change these patterns again.

Compensations as signals.

In the yoga therapy sessions I often talk about compensations that the body has. “The body lacks support, space or has trauma and will compensate, and you want to get rid of that”. “As soon as you compensate less, you will be able to get rid of your pain.”
That was what I heard at the beginning.

During my training there is a lot of emphasis on how these compensations allow the body to adapt fantastically. And so it can also adapt to fewer compensations, when there is the awareness and the support and space to be able to do that. There where your body feels safest in this moment to do so.

In this way, compensations are becoming less and less something we have to get rid of, and more and more signals that tell us something about how we are doing. Beautiful and useful information that your body shares with you and that you can feel and hear better by being aware and moving.

Gratefulness for your adaptability.

It’s no longer ‘that which is not going well’, but the understanding and gratitude that your body does its best to allow you to do what you want to do. And that wants to make you aware that there is something that needs attention.

Often what hurts isn’t really where the problem is. Like neck and shoulders that are completely stuck because you take on too much. It will not have a long-lasting effect when you focus on taking away the pain in that area. It will, without lifestyle change, just come back.

In yoga therapy there is the invitation to look further and feel,

why do the compensations arise? What do you do when the nice and relaxed feeling in your body disappears and turns into (long-lasting) pain? Do you dare to investigate that, are you curious about the message? And do you dare to listen and, for example, create the peace that your body asks for? To adjust your diet? Let go of habits you have that you know and feel are not helping you? And to do that in a way that feels safe to you. With outside help, because you don’t have to do it alone. To finally feel better in your own skin. With less compensation and better able to listen to what your body is sharing with you, so that you don’t have to end up in the pain zone, or can get yourself out of it more easily.
That is where yoga therapy can help you.

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