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Relax at Work: 10-day program

Feel better working

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What to expect

Are you sitting a lot and do you feel disconnected from yourself? Would you like to move more but don’t know how and lack time?
The Relax @ Work 10-day chair yoga program is an easy way to bring movement and awareness to yourself.


Unlimited access to:
  • A new daily practice video from a chair, for 10 days.

Single product

Self-guided program


50,00 incl. VAT


Everything is becoming more digital. Meetings from behind a screen, online education, shopping from the comfort of your home. It is easy to disappear in your screen and completely forget about your body. When you’re seated most of the day, does your body feel tense at the end of the day? What about at the end of the week?

When you move with awareness, your ability to sense yourself will grow. Body awareness will help you to pick up the signals your body is giving when something is off. Movement awareness will help you to let go of tension within your body. And breath awareness will help you to calm your mind and nervous system.

All these elements work together to create a healthier life. Inviting less stress, more confidence and easeful movement with less pain. You can start this program anytime and all you need is your chair!