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Ease and spaciousness

Rianne on hands and knees for cat dog movement

What to expect

In this series you use the Cat and Dog movement to explore and increase the mobility of your spine.


Unlimited access to:
  • 3 cat and dog movement videos for spinal mobility
  • 3 additional videos to support your practice.

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Self-guided program


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In this series we use the Cat and dog movement to explore the mobility of the spine.

When you first practice this series, I recommend starting with the Supine somascan, followed by the All-fours preparation video. This allows you to be on your hands and knees in a stable and strong way. After that, you can practice the other videos. When you follow this sequence, you will have a good preparation for the Cat and dog practices. You can use the Childspose video to rest when it feels strenuous on your hands and knees.
You work with the basic movement of arching the back. In addition, you will explore a sideways movement variation and freestyle movement. You will be fully guided in making the movements.

These are great practices to feel how different areas in the body are free to move or where you can notice limited freedom of movement.