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The Art of Not-Doing: Simplicity

Sense the subtle effects of silence, rest and time on your being

rianne fully supported by props with restorative yoga the art of not-doing

What to expect

With this restorative pack, you only need 2 big firm blankets to create a deeply nourishing practice, where your whole body is supported. These poses are a mix of shapes with possible physical sensations and silent ones.


Unlimited access to:
  • 5 guided videos of 20-minute restorative practices.
  • 4 downloadable audios, with different themes to deepen your practice.
  • 4 downloadable timers of 10, 15, 20 and 30 minutes.

Single product

Online program


40,00 incl. VAT


Are you tired of always having to do something and feel like you’re being lived?
Would you like to have some peaceful me-time?
With the Art of Not-Doing you will be guided into some high-quality relaxing rest practices.

We all have busy lives where we ‘need’ to do things, meet people, be happy, social and look awesome while doing it all. Even when it comes to yoga. We maybe sometimes just want to squeeze in a class to feel like we’re taking care of ourselves. Looking at our watch or phone to check how long it might be until the final relaxation is over. And if you’re not sweating or feeling anything, then you probably didn’t work hard enough.

However, sometimes it would be great to not have to do and be all those things. Maybe this idea is a bit scary, but your body and nervous system will love you for it.

Relax, no pressure, just Be.

With these practices you can give yourself time to soften, to calm down and to just ‘not-do’ for a while.You can discover what happens if you give yourself time, attention and space while being comfortable and passive. This is also the place where your repair and heal systems can do their work. Because now, it receives the time and rest to do so. A true gift to yourself!

This pack contains the videos: Chest support, Spinal Roll, Lying Twist, Bananasana, Savasana Basic.
And the audios: Observing Change, Observing Thoughts, The Art of Not-Doing and Helping a Busy Mind Out (2 of them are present in all packs).