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Stable strength with Sunbird

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rianne on hands and knees with extended leg yoga

What to expect

In this series, you will explore the movement of your arms and legs in relation to your shoulders, pelvis and spine.


Unlimited access to
  • 4 short sunbird movement videos for strength and stability.
  • 3 additional videos to support your practice.

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With the Sunbird movement, you work on core stability and strength.

When you first practice this series, I recommend starting with the Supine somascan, followed by the All-fours preparation video. After that, you can practice the other videos. When you follow this sequence, you will have a good preparation for the Sunbird practices. You can use the Childspose video to rest when it feels strenuous on your hands and knees.

By standing on 3 or 2 'legs' you work on the stability of the center of your body, which can therefore become more powerful. With the movement of your arms and / or legs you can observe the quality of the movement of your leg in the pelvis and arm in the shoulder socket and the relationship between arm-shoulder-spine and leg-pelvis-spine.

The challenge with the Sunbird is to isolate the movement and focus on keeping your spine quiet. Observing the movement of the leg in relation to the pelvis and the arm and the shoulder blade in relation to the shoulder and ribs. Also notice if and how you breathe as you move.