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Sense your body softening

Rianne in constructive rest for back exercises

What to expect

Move your spine mindfully in twists and bends, releasing any excess tension.


Unlimited access to:
  • 3 short movement videos for a happy back.
  • 1 additional video to support your practice.

Single product

Self-guided program


10,00 incl. VAT


In this Happy back series, recorded around the rocky Norwegian coastline, you have access to 3 practice videos that will teach you how invite movement into the spine. You also have access to the supporting practice video of the Supine somascan, which you can use to check-in with how you feel, before, during and after the movements.

These happy back practices are great to revitalize yourself during your day or to unwind and let go of some built up tension at the end of your day. You can also use them to add to your current movement practice.