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Ayurvedic yoga class series: Drop-in

Healthy balance
Single class

rianne lying on the ground explaining a terapeutic ayurvedic yoga movement

What to expect

Through this 10-week series, you’ll be exploring one class with the Ayurvedic qualities (gunas) through movement, breath and rest. This product is for one drop-in class off the 10. It is also possible to buy access to the whole 10 class series. You can find that here.


  • One 60-minute class online via Zoom.
  • Dates & time:
  • No experience required.

Drop-in Class

Online live class


12,00 incl. VAT


Have you been curious about Ayurveda and would you like to experience how it can bring balance through gentle physical practice?
This ancient medical science isn’t just about food. Ayur means life and veda translates to knowledge or wisdom, so it’s a life science, a practice on all levels. Through Ayurvedic yoga we explore the different qualities (the gunas) we experience during practice and their opposite. These might be the qualities of the movement you’re making, but it can also be the qualities from your environment. This way we learn how to bring balance into and through our movement practice. It’s all connected!

This is a group class, for which you will receive the Zoom link a day before class. Feel free to leave the camera off if you prefer, but with camera on I will be able to guide you personally if needed.

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