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The Use of Functional Movement in Yoga Therapy

In the field of yoga therapy, the concept of functional movement has gained significant recognition and importance. It goes beyond the traditional static poses and embraces a more dynamic approach that mimics real-life movements. Functional movement exercises are designed to enhance mobility, strength, and stability, all of which play a crucial role in reducing chronic pain.

When we engage in functional movement during yoga therapy, we focus on actions that involve joints and muscles working together. We start with breaking movements down into elements, so that we can actually feel and see how it’s working and what is actually happening. This not only allows us to target specific areas of the body but also helps in improving overall body awareness and coordination. By incorporating functional movement exercises into our yoga practice, we can enhance our body’s ability to move efficiently and effectively in our daily lives.

Reducing Compensations Reduces Chronic Pain

Chronic pain often arises as a result of compensatory movements our body makes to protect an injured or weakened area. These compensations can lead to imbalances, muscle imprints, and further pain. However, by utilizing functional movement in yoga therapy, we can work towards reducing these compensations and ultimately alleviating chronic pain.

Functional movement helps us identify and let go of the compensatory patterns that our body adopts in response to pain or injury. By addressing these compensations, we can restore proper movement patterns and reduce the strain on affected areas. This, in turn, allows for enhanced mobility, decreased pain, and improved overall function.

By using functional movement in our yoga therapy practice, we can develop better body awareness, enhance mobility and strength, and ultimately reduce chronic pain. Rianne Wolswinkel’s online yoga therapy services provide a supportive environment for individuals to explore their body’s movement. Whether you’re seeking relief from chronic pain or looking to optimize your overall well-being, Rianne’s expertise and holistic approach can guide you towards greater balance and freedom in your life.

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