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Inner Buddha Retreat

The Inner Buddha Retreat is an invitation to nourish yourself through various mindfulness practices in the beautiful coastal setting of Andalucía.

The Inner Buddha – An introduction to insight meditation and therapeutic yoga

You are invited to join us for a 5-day journey connecting body, mind and heart in the coastal countryside of Vejer de la Frontera.

In this retreat we will learn to cultivate awareness through insight meditation, body movement and other exercises. This course is intended for people who want to deepen their experience in the vast world of meditation and yoga. No previous knowledge or practice is required.

Insight meditation is a simple technique for developing non-judgmental awareness that is consistently directed to what is happening here and now. The origin of the practice comes from the Buddhist tradition.

Expand your capacity to become fully present in life.

The purpose of the course is to enable the participants to become familiar with meditation along with a therapeutic yoga practice. Our aim is to provide a supportive learning framework with the possibility of creating a basis for those interested in bringing the practice to their daily routine.

This practice can help us expand our capacity to be fully present in everyday life. By doing so we improve our emotional regulation, reduce stress and anxiety, improve our concentration and sleep, help to cope with illness, loss and there are many more benefits.

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The main topics that will be covered during this retreat:

  • What is meditation? how to practice and develop the ability to be attentive? Getting to know the sensations of the body and awareness to the breath. Resting in the present moment “Here and Now”.
  • The breath: how to befriend the breath, observe and let go of control patterns.
  • Body sensations: how to listen to the body and the various body sensations. How to allow body sensations to be as they are, without changing them. Acceptance as a condition for awareness and a possible basis for change. In the process, we will learn about the power of thoughts, emotional habits, and discover how attentive awareness can be beneficial and rewarding.
  • Non-interfering attention: while listening to the subtle sensations of the body we will learn to identify the pleasant sensations, unpleasant sensations, and everything in between. Noticing the tendency of our minds to react to sensations and perceive experiences according to the way they are registered by our senses. Through the body we will learn to suspend habitual reactions and develop a new attitude towards sensations.
  • Different obstacles in practice: how to identify different obstacles that come up during our practice and how to turn them into leverage enabling us to strengthen the practice and deepen attention.
  • Exploring awareness and breath through therapeutic movement: learning to listen to the signals the body is giving us in movement and active rest. Identifying where tension is accumulating and support is lacking and how to work with that, so that the body can move in the most optimal way. As you create more awareness over your movement and breath, pain and discomfort will reduce.
  • Application of the insight meditation and therapeutic yoga in our daily life: we can turn the practices of meditation and yoga into powerful tools in our lives. Skillful use of these tools along with the theoretical knowledge from the course can significantly increase our ability to create balance and peace within. We will offer tools and tips for those interested in integrating the techniques we’ve learned in their daily life.
  • Theoretical base of Buddhist philosophy: the noble truths, hindrances, Brahmavihara, ethics and more.
  • Foundations of nutrition and lifestyle according to Ayurvedic science: During the retreat Ayurveda inspired meals will be prepared, accompanied by information about how to apply the Ayurvedic principles to your life.

A little about us:

Picture of Itay Zehavi

Itay Zehavi

I am a social worker, Shiatsu therapist, yoga teacher and insight meditation facilitator. As a social worker I’ve worked along the years mostly with people coping with mental illness and emotional issues. During my work I found meditation and yoga to be a life-changing tool for both patients and therapists. These practices have become a way of life for me, and I enjoy sharing them with others with curiosity, inquiry, and humility.

Picture of Rianne Wolswinkel

Rianne Wolswinkel

I am a yoga therapist, Thai bodyworker and Ayurvedic Health Counselor in training. With a background in molecular biology, the human body has always fascinated me. Through my life’s challenges with anxiety and a chronic kidney auto-immune condition, these holistic practices have helped me stabilize my health and dramatically increased my well-being and that of my clients. And I too love to share this way of living with others.

Practical Information

Dates: 21-26 of July 2024
Location: La Cuartilla, vejer de la Frontera, Cádiz
Cost: €720

Email: info@riannewolswinkel.com
Phone: +34677327584

* The number of participants is limited to 10.
* The facilitation will be given in both English and Spanish.
* Accomodation is shared in a double bed, 2, or 4 beds per room, in Casa La Cuartilla. A comfortable sustainable rural house, with beautiful panoramic views.
* There is an option to extend your stay at the end of the retreat during the weekend (26 – 29) and enjoy the beautiful coastal setting of Andalucía.
* For local people interested there is an option to take part in the retreat without accommodation in La Cuartilla.
* Meals are included in the price.
* For those interested in going to the beach or other excursions during the afternoons we recommend having a car at your disposal.
* Pick-up and drop of from Vejer de la Frontera for those interested. Pick-up on Sunday at 18:30 and drop-of on Friday at 16:00 (to be arranged in advance).

For further consultations on arrival and departure you are welcomed to consult with us via email.



16:00 – 18:00 Arrival and settling-in
19:00 Welcome & orientation talk
20:30 Dinner


7:30 Light movement 
8:00 Breakfast
9:00-12:00 Meditation, exercises & inquiry
13:30 Lunch & free time
18:00 Tour of Catalina ecological project
19:00-20:30 Yoga therapy
20:30 Dinner


7:30 Light movement 
8:00 Breakfast
9:00-12:00 Meditation, exercises & inquiry 
13:30 Lunch & free time
19:00-20:30 Deep Rest meditation
20:30 Dinner


7:30 Light movement 
8:00 Breakfast
9:00-12:00 Meditation, exercises & inquiry 
13:30 Lunch & free time
19:00-20:30 Yoga therapy
20:30 Dinner


7:30 Light movement 
8:00 Breakfast 
9:00-12:00 Meditation, exercises & inquiry
13:30 Lunch & free time
19:00-20:00 Healing Sound bath
20:30 Dinner


8:00 Breakfast 
9:00-12:00 Meditation, sharing & practice in everyday life
13:30 Lunch
16:00 Departure